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John J. Pepi, Sr.
Principal of Pepi & Associates, LLC.
Consultants to Employers and Employees Regarding
Employment Practices and Wrongful Terminations

Business Location: Worcester, MA

Please take a moment to hear an audio message from John J. Pepi, Sr.:

Background Information

John is currently a Doctoral Candidate (Doctor of Education in Education Leadership) at the University of Phoenix. His education includes a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Cambridge College and a Bachelor of Science., Psychology; Minor., Secondary Education from Worcester State College. John has extensive certifications and experience in education; including teaching, administrative, and coaching.

Business Description

John provides research, writing, pre-litigation, advocacy and consulting services to individual teachers facing wrongful terminations. Wrongful employment terminations are extremely complex and, therefore, require a great deal of analysis and identification of facts in order to determine (a) whether a viable "case" exists pursuant to the recovery of damages, and (b) the identification of viable strategies and resources that might be utilized to pursue any such recovery. Additionally, John also consults to both employees and employers alike with respect to issues involving exposure to, or the prevention of, hostile work environments in Massachusetts.

Do you really have a viable legal action?

Contact Information

(774) 208-6340

* All inquiries held in the strict confidence



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